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Guangzhou Jiaming deeply realize that: "in twenty-first Century the enterprise competition is the competition of technology, is the product of the competition, is the competition of service, at the same time, the more is the competition of talents. Guangzhou gaming companies pay attention to talent introduction, training and appointment, has been to attract talents, cultivating talents and appointing personnel, to maximize the role of talented people, as a strategic task of the enterprise, Guangzhou Jiaming company thinks: human resource is the first resource, is the decisive factor in the future development and growth.

In the employment mechanism, the Guangzhou gaming company has consistently adhered to "only the Yin is the move, to use" by the man of tao. Pay attention to create a relaxed, orderly environment for talents, to play the hero. Guangzhou Jiaming companies strive for each employee to create convenient conditions to get the best, let the staff's personal values obtained to achieve maximum, let employees get an achievement in the process of the work and a sense of satisfaction. Figure sent the company through competition and elimination, truly capable, light let, Yongzhe, fair competition, the survival of the fittest.

Sales Specialist

The recruitment of the number 2

Work location: Guangzhou

Salary negotiable

The release time of 2014-9-22

Recruitment requirements 1, college degree or above, major is not restricted to 2, at the age of 20~35 years old, male or female; 3, 1 years of sales experience in the industry; 4, have strong business development and interpersonal communication skills; 5, responsible, enterprising, work initiative; 6, love the challenge, like sales work;

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